About epoxy building process

The Yachtbuilder about the epoxy building process A stable lightweight We want your Hanse to sail fast and provide you with many years of enjoyment. For this reason Hanse in co-operation with SP-Sytems has decided on an epoxy construction. Why epoxy? As aeronautics and space travel have long demonstrated, epoxy resins have distinct advantages as compared to other, more inexpensive synthetic resins. 1 Epoxy is able to withstand greater stresses and therefore makes for stronger hulls and decks. 2 Your Hanse’s composite hull is composed of fiberglass cloth and resins. 3 If there is one thing that is a source of worry to every owner, it is osmosis. Thanks to the properties of epoxy, that is virtually a thing of the past. Epoxy absorbs considerably less moisture than traditional resins. 4 Epoxy is far less susceptible to fatigue or microcracking and will maintain the value of your Hanse for a long time to come. 5 The much more stable epoxy resins enable us to build craft that are lighter by up to 20 percent. 6 We laminate them by hand and cure them under vacuum conditions.

SP systems epoxy vaccum process