Epoxy advantages

Epoxy advantages

As a guideline, a 45-50 foot boat built in Epoxy can weight up to 1000kg less than it’s equivalent polyester version. Polyester laminate can be expect to retain only 65% of its Interlaminar Shear Strength after immersion over a period of a year (or saturation), compared to 90% for an Epoxy laminate.

Strength after 1 year Epoxy vs. Polyester

  • Epoxy 90%

  • Polyester 65%

Bonding strength Epoxy vs Vinylester

  • Epoxy PSI 100%

  • Polyester PSI 25%

Epoxy vs Vinylester

Epoxy resin is known in the marine industry for its incredible toughness and bonding strength.  Quality epoxy resins stick to other materials with 2,000-p.s.i. vs. only 500-p.s.i. for vinylester resins and even less for polyesters.